Micro switch 12.7x5.8x6.65mm_1444
Micro switch 12.7x5.8x6.65mm_1444

Micro switch 12.7x5.8x6.65mm

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Introducing the Micro Switch 12.7x5.8x6.65mm, a compact, high-performing gadget designed for optimal efficiency. This 3-pole micro switch is engineered to handle a power of 3A/125V, ensuring a reliable and safe operation.

  • Compact Design: With dimensions of just 12.7x5.8x6.65mm, this micro switch is perfect for applications where space is at a premium.
  • High Performance: Despite its small size, it delivers a powerful performance, handling up to 3A/125V.
  • Versatile: Ideal for a wide range of applications, from home appliances to industrial machinery.
  • Reliable: Its 3-pole design ensures a stable and secure connection, reducing the risk of failure.

Enhance your devices with the Micro Switch 12.7x5.8x6.65mm, the small switch that makes a big difference. Perfect for those seeking a reliable, high-performing micro switch that won't take up much space.


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